Monday, August 9, 2010


I had taken some new photos of Garrison Lake the other day, but to tell the truth, I don't like them much. It was windy and the light was harsh. The water was so deep a blue that as a photo it looked unbelievable. A couple of things caught my eye as possible interests but the green and pink things that were floating on the top of the water ended up looking like 'gunk.' There was some frothy white all around the reeds that could have been snow.......or someone dumped detergent into the lake. So.....think I'll just delete that bunch. The first one here is Nanci's broccoli going to seed. Backlit with the afternoon sun, it sets off a glowing yellow that against the dark I think makes a nice contrast. And she did share some of that broccoli and it was delicious!! Thank you, Nanci!

This next one I call "Under Queen Anne's Lace." On Flickr I was going to title it "A Peek Under Queen Anne's Lace".....but there are so many other cultures that take part in Flickr, I decided to behave myself. Just never know who's feelings you might offend. It's a pretty perspective though, don't you think?

Norm and I had lunch today at the new Redfish restaurant. We each ordered a Kobe-beef burger and it was very good. Everything very fresh. I loved the staff that worked there and as always, Chris H. was warm and friendly. Course, you can't beat that view!! The wind was up and the sun directly overhead but I could still see a whale's blow every so often out by the rocks. When we lived above Battle Rock a number of years ago, I did love to look out and watch the summer whales feeding all day and then head back to Tichenor or Nellie's Cove later in the afternoon. I would love to have breakfast there sometime and bring my camera........I bet it's going to be beautiful! I also had a chance to take a much more leisurely look at the art gallery and we met a delightful and well informed young man by the name of Jeff. I think of him as a docent, although I'm not sure of his title. It's all so well done, and the art is so beautiful. Even the restrooms!! I have a hard time imaging it shown any more professionally........ and it manages to keep the artful integrity of each work shown to full advantage and in the perfect light. Such a community and south coast asset!! There might just possibly be one or two of you around who have not yet tried the delicious food and great atmosphere of Redfish's restaurant ........ or taken in the culture and beauty of the gallery but if you haven't you are really depriving yourself of a treat. So.........GO!! You won't be sorry.

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