Sunday, August 29, 2010


A couple more photos from my Elk River trek with Karen and Emily. I think I mentioned last week that I was trying to get that silky water, slow exposure effect. I'm getting there, huh?
This river really is a beautiful one!! Except for trying to walk on them, I really love the rocks. They add one more element of texture.

I went for an early (well, for me, anyway) walk this morning with my camera. I really doesn't take me long to shoot 200+ images! I probably throw away most......or should! I'm going to make our own Christmas cards this year so I'm starting to look around now for possible shots that will work into something I find appealing. My l+ mile walk usually takes about 30 minutes. With camera it's close to an hour. I'm finding everything is a possibility for a lens view!

Norm and I went to a friend's birthday party this afternoon. A lot of fun! The sky was overcast but for most of the time there really wasn't much wind so the (new and beautiful!) deck was pleasant. The deck overlooks a beautiful cove and the water was so flat it would have been the perfect time to be whale watching........but Alas! I didn't see any. Apparently, Rick got a number of really good shots shortly before we he says........some of us have our doubts....8-)
Some of the other guests I hadn't seen in a while and it was great catching up with old and new friends. And excellent food! I even grabbed a couple of chocolate chip cookies and they were SO good, Norma.......!!

Got home in time to do a little photo editing and get my head thinking towards an article I just have procrastinating on long enough that I need to get into the local papers tomorrow. So....tomorrow it is!! No distractions! No camera!! No computer play!! All these will be my treats for when I finish the article. No one or nothing will get in my way.....No temptations will deter me!! And as an additional helpful factor........I cross my fingers and toes.
This second photo is view of a more tranquil part of the river. I enjoy that little orangy reflection in the upper right. We weren't able to stay too long, but wouldn't that little beach across and under the trees be a great place for a picnic??
OK.......the start of another new week faces us. Let's look for the best of every situation that comes our way, laugh at our own goofs and overlook other's. Have a great day!!

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