Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, our heat wave was a little short, huh? The day was sunny but definitely cooler than yesterday. That autumn chill can be felt again and that crazy vine maple that turns so early every year? All but a few of it's leaves have fallen already.

We had guests for dinner tonight so I was sticking close to home today and had some really nice, email, phone again.......all good stuff.
Rick was showing me how to post this blog onto Facebook and I'll be trying that tonight while it's
(hopefully) still fresh in my mind.

In the meantime I'll tell you about these photos I'm posting here tonight. They were both taken on our walk up on the Heads........This first one is my favorite of the two......have you ever seen a dead tree (I call them ghost trees) looking so beautiful? That silver of the tree and rocks against the blue sea is very appealing to me. I like the perspective of this second one........the reef close to the horizon, then a couple of the larger rocks in the foreground of the sea......I'm sure these rocks have names given them, at least the cone shaped one, but I don't know what they are. And I don't know why you sometimes see these distinct lines of blue color in the water. Whether they are water depths or changing tide lines......... I know they weren't caused by clouds. Maybe one of you readers know the answer and would like to fill me in.

There is still a lot of summer left although not too warm this year.....We're going to plant another crop of lettuce. Unless the rains start very early this year, I think we can still enjoy the fresh from the garden salads. Tomorrow it's pick the basil and make more pesto. I like garlic so well that my pesto could also be called The Vampire Deterrent! Well, it works for me!

Have a wonderful Thursday and remember to laugh!

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