Monday, August 30, 2010


Personally, I appreciate it about now. I'm sure it's only for a short time but it helps to dampen
down the fire danger. Maybe it cleans up the air a little, although I hope that doesn't take away from the beautiful sunsets we see in the fall and winter. I read somewhere that much of the sunset's color is actually caused by pollutents in the air. Mixed blessing, that.
I thought you might like a little change of pace from the river scenes. I haven't posted that many flower shots this summer. These gorgeous blooms are from the large green next to Tim Belmont's Beauty Spa in Langlois. It's
a small but beautifully tended garden and both these two plants had colors so rich they begged to be photographed. There was a 'country fair' there over the weekend and there
were a number of tables set up. I bought a pretty pair of yellow earrings. The money earned from those sales were going to a young woman who died fairly recently from breast cancer and left children behind. I remember her face as being down here in Port Orford, but I was told that she worked at Sterling Savings in Bandon. A sweet young woman........gone, too soon, for sure. I was impressed that Angela from Art
101, who has her own banner of good-will flying regarding the pollution of the oceans with plastics, had donated some of her own artfully inspired earrings for Brandi's benefit.

Those of you who might have read my blog from yesterday will remember that today was the day I was going to get the article written for the local newspapers. Yaaa!!! I did it! And I let nothing interfere with my purpose!
For those who live around here, you might see it this week and/or next week. It's regarding something near and dear to my heart. A program called Help-Portrait but I thought it should be renamed "the Ruth Jamison Gift Project". I hope others will feel the urge to join with me and volunteer their services or talents.......I'm not going to expand on it here. It would take too long but if it stirs your curiosity be sure to look for it in the paper......I titled the article "GIVE A GIFT - RECEIVE A GIFT". It feels very good to have this first leg of what hopefully
becomes a yearly program, finished and on it's way
OK......hope the beginning of this week is brighter than the skies right now......Laugh a lot in spite of the gray! And wishing you a Happy Tuesday!!

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