Thursday, August 12, 2010


I did a little 'archive diving' with this shot. This was taken last November off of Seven Devils Road between Charleston and Bandon. I remember it being a race between when the sun would disappear and if we would find a place where I had a clear view of the ocean and setting sun. As you can see we pulled it off. Fantastic color, huh??

Tonight is the night we're all supposed to go out and look towards the northeast for the Perseid meteor shower. Clear skies and little if any moon should make for some clear viewing. Northeast isn't the most unobstructed view at our house, but maybe I'll see a good number regardless. I've never had much luck in the past but I suspect that's because I don't stay out there long enough to allow it to happen. Patience.............sigh.

Today, or at least this morning, was tarring day. The driveway needed re-sealing and Norm looks more black than he should........and even Willie, my cat, had to get into the act. And I do mean INTO! There were a few places up close to the house that had some crevices and required more tar to fill it up. Naturally, that's exactly where Willie needed to put her right rear paw. Tar up to her ankle. And of course on the other paws also just not as deep. I tried wiping it off and that really didn't do the job very well. As it dried (quick-drying tar) she walked in fir needles and other outdoor dried vegetation which of course, stuck. She'd take a step and shake, almost a quiver, that right rear, then maybe another foot would get the shake-quiver. She didn't raise nearly as much of a fuss when I put her ankle deep into a basin of warm soapy water and tried working it off. Then I noticed she'd also dragged her tail through the tar. What a mes! Whatever I didn't wash off has dried now and she'll just have to live with it. I'll have to remember the next area we tar to keep Willie in the house. And spray Norm with bug repellent before he gets bitten so often as he did this morning. Too late, but it helped with the rest of the morning pests, I sprayed the buggie stuff on Norm and Nanci, from next door who was trying to swat flies at the same time as gardening.

I hope you all have made good plans for this beautiful sunny weekend. Today was one of those nice warm days that we wished for in the middle of winter. Go out and enjoy!!

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