Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been wanting to experiment a little more with black and white. Emily and Rick were nice enough to let me do some shooting of them. I'm nowhere near satisfied with the results but it was a spur-of-the-moment thing and I could immediately see things that I'll do differently and hopefully better next time. Still it's fun to look at people we know............

This top photo is a profile (duh!) of Emily and I did want to get the highlights in her hair. The photo isn't clear enough but it's a nice pose, don't you think? And the one below makes me smile. I think the joke being said at the time was something about the Netflix movies that I choose.

Well, maybe tonight's wasn't such a winner but I usually pick good movies. Norm really chooses the majority since he enjoys them so much. I'd rather be working or reading about photography or maybe some good book on metaphysics. Tonight's I did choose and it was "Creation" about Charles Darwin. I thought it might be adventurous but it was a little dark in dealing with Darwin's struggle to overcome his own conscience regarding his young daughter's death, his distance with his wife because of that event, and whether he was actually at war with God. All of these issues seemed to be the implied reason why he became so ill and almost died. It was filmed in England and the scenery was, as usual, beautiful. They lived in a lovely home and I tried not to remember that it was probably drafty, cold and all that reading at night must have blackened their lungs with that oil or candle smoke. (cough-cough). trips to the Galapagos Islands although there was a very touching story about an orangutan named Jenny.
And the ghost of his daughter was with him and us through the entire film. Anyway, I wouldn't recomment it HIGHLY but it was OK. Norm thought it deserved 'no stars'........a little harsh, I'd say. No accounting for some tastes.........

Rick was the one who came over to help......well, not exactly 'help' was more like he DID it getting the new wireless router hooked up so now Netflix and a couple of other choices can be seen from the computer to the TV........'streaming'?? Rick had just had oral surgery yesterday and was still somewhat uncomfortable so his help with this was even more notable.
So.......other than taking a walk and getting scared half out of my wits by a flock of about 3 or so buzzards, that was a part of my day........A note about the buzzards......they were so engrossed in eating some dead animal that I guess they didn't hear me coming close by. They were in the woods and when they went to flap off, one or maybe more, clumsily whacked into a tree and the sudden noise of wings flapping and branches being hit just startled me. I'm always on guard with pepper spray easily accessed. I've run into more than one bear so my ears perk up at unexpected sounds.
Everyone have a great day!!

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