Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today was one of those days where the best of laid out plans just got in the way with reality. Ever have one of those?? Not that I'm complaining.......I went to visit a friend this morning and ended up listening to a healing meditation tape and nothing much beyond that got accomplished. I 'floated' through the day in my own little happy cloud..........La-la-la........

I pulled up this photo from a few days ago when we were on our way back from Coos Bay. The week before I had lost an earring and thought if I revisited my stops from where I might have lost it there was a small, but still a possibility, that I might find it. I'm usually lucky about finding lost items. Not that day. But I did like the way the light was hitting the rocks that afternoon. It was clearly defining the contrast of the light from the shadow areas.

I have a new project to look forward to using my photography. The woodlands, forests and the like where the mystical and magical might meet. A very neat lady, that I don't yet know nearly well enough, has a website built around her successful book on the faerie realm. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I think there have been some photos that I've posted here in the past that I might be able to send her that will be what she's looking for........hopefully. I keep you informed.........
So, until later.........have a great day and start planning for an even greater weekend! It's coming up fast!

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