Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday was not one of my best. I started off trying to figure out layering (again) on Elements. Even after talking via phone to my instructor, I seem to be missing one vital step. Frustration led to more frustration. This went on all morning. And after lunch I thought I need to go for a walk for burn off some of the 'angst'....and I felt like I might be getting yet another cold. Well, the walk did help and the possible 'yet another cold' disappeared. I thought I'd try again Elements but as I went along in my messy files, I moved some things around....deleted some. And found that now I couldn't find some pretty good shots I'd taken a couple of days ago. They still needed to be edited, but I know I moved them. I looked ALL through my picture files.....nothing! I now have a recovery system on my computer....make that 2. I tried that. A little luck but not too much. I did find 4 of those photos, but many more remail gone. I restored my Recycle Bin for up to a couple of months....hoping that some photos that I'd lost some time ago might also pop up. Nope! So, now I have my computer just loaded down with all kinds of stuff I'd gotten rid of and have to go through and sort through.....and for only 4 recovered photos! And they weren't even the good ones. I have to get away from this, I thought. I'm feeling stressed and my new diet is badly in danger of being breached Big Time! I am still planning on having a low-calorie soup/stew tonight, but I'm going to have 2 (Yes, 2!) baking soda biscuits!! I went out to get some sour milk I'd been saving for cooking....and I drop the GALLON container on the hall tile. The lid didn't just come off......a big hole was punctured in the side. I see sour milk on the walls, in the heater vent, on the cabinets, on the bedroom carpet and up and down the hallway from one end to the other. I mean it splattered!!
In trying to mop it up, the mop head is in need of replacing so is dripping sour milk all the way into the kitchen........I start laughing......almost hysterical at this point. Better than crying over spilt milk, huh? I think I need to go the bed and protect the rest of the world from my Sunday-Jinked Self!
So.....what you have here are the only 2 photos out of the 4 recovered. I posted them and that's about all I can say. Except that I know tomorrow will be better!

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