Friday, February 19, 2010


There is a place off Calfornia St., I think, that looks like it might be a future home development. I'm not sure. It's a short distance from Tseridum (really not sure of the spelling) park. I always thought it was pretty desolute looking, but discovered that it really had a beauty of it's own. I've enjoyed bare trees and branches this I'm seeing and appreciating them for the first time. The wonderful shapes might help to frame a subject, like here, of this rock off land a little ways. I'm sure that rock must have a name. Don't know that either!!
On the opposite side of the parking area I could look over at this boat house or dockhouse that is being built. Course the red color against that intense green just sparks. Again, I like the foreground with the interesting branches that help to frame the little house. And isn't that reflection pretty? It was a gray day but it had a nice appeal to me. Very quiet. Seemed like it might be a good place to just go meditate and wait for........what? The next perfect photo possibility maybe. Someone must have had the same idea, I think. There was a small little mound of rocks that we found. Inside were little candles where someone must have maybe sat in the fading light and just pondered. One of those things I say I'd like to do and probably never will actually get around to it. Do many of you do that?

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