Friday, February 5, 2010


I never get tired of visiting the dock area. Either from above at one of the bluffs or down next to the rocks and waves. I took these yesterday when the skies were beginning to look threatening and the wind was gaining in strength. The first shot, with the gorse in full bloom, makes a nice contrast against the ominous sky and background of Humbug Mt. I'm glad to see it didn't turn out blurred because the wind was making it impossible for me to stand still.
The second shot is, of course, the 'gate' taken from down on the dock. There was another man down there with a camera and a tripod. I didn't want to stare but was curious about how he was going to keep that tripod from blowing over. Hopefully, he would keep an extra hand on it. In this photo, that little strip of blue sky was the last we saw of it for awhile. Today, the sun is weak but it's actually making an appearance. I'd almost forgotten what that funny yellow stuff in the air was.

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