Monday, February 8, 2010

I was fooling around with my editing software today.....still coughing, thank you....
These photos were taken last year sometime.....spring, I think. I had seen a Flickr
photographer's work that I was really liked. That photographer has Photoshop and
a couple of other editing software in place, so mine didn't really look at all like his, but
I did get a couple of kind comments from him on my attempts to try something a little
different. He does a lot of 'texture work". Pretty effective. With Picasa it was pretty 'sepia'. Done. With my present softward, I have a lot more control over what the results will look like. Double edged sword. But I sort of
like the results for a bit of a change. I think I should try it with some old building.....maybe a
barn. It will have to wait a while till I get over this dumb cold. I've had to cancel a few
dates I had set with friends and I am now ready to move on......enough, already!
Cough drop, anyone??


  1. Cool color and texture! I hope you get over your cold soon.

  2. Thanks, Eva. Aren't colds just a big nuisance! I had a date to go out shooting with a friend tomorrow up in Bandon, which is very picturesque.....well, forget that!
    I'd much rather be snapping my camera than blowing my nose! :-)