Thursday, February 25, 2010


What a neat day! Had lunch with some friends and then went over to Garrison Lake. The home we visited was owned by a friend that I hadn't seen in too many years and it was just a joy to see him again....and look at the terrific view he has of the lake!! We watched a small group of birds that would flirt with coming in closer to get a good shot (camera) and then would either dive under or float off to a further distance. Everyone else could see another bird that was hiding in the reeds. I never saw it but I'll take their word for it that it was there. (hmmmmm?) The second view had such a different look to it.....much more stark looking but still very beautiful I think. You'd never tell by looking at the calmness of the water, that the wind was already starting to gust every now and then in preparation for the next little storm we have coming in. Tomorrow I'll be showing some photos of one of the most beautiful B & B's around........One that those of you that don't live around here, will want to check out yourself!! Just wait!!

To top the day off, I went to my weekly 'weigh-in' and discovered I'd lost almost 4 pounds!! Yaaaaa! Glad to know that the 'trauma' of last Sunday and the spilt milk didn't stress me to the point that I GAINED 4 pounds! Although, I'm still working on trying to get that smell of sour milk out of the carpet. It's better than it was, but I have a very sensitive sense of smell (a real curse at times, let me tell you!!) and I'll still be trying a few more tricks I read about. Any additional ideas, anyone?

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