Saturday, February 13, 2010


I don't know as if today's post will mean all that much to anyone except Norm. We have a private little joke that we comment on every time we drive by a particular place up on Seven Devil's Road. There is a particular mud puddle that Norm dubbed "Little Muddy Wadi". Don't ask me why we thought it was funny, but we of those silly moods probably. Anyway, he's mentioned a number of times that I should take a shot of it. I thought....."Hey! I'm looking for things of beauty....inspiration,,,,,at least something interesting and unique!"
The other day I relented, thinking that it's going to show exactly what it is.....a mud puddle. Maybe a serious mud-puddle, but still a mud puddle. It was raining lightly but that seems to be the standard lately for any photo out I go. The angle from the street didn't show off it's so-called-hidden beauty, so I stepped over and towards the end to get a better view. Course, I sunk into mud......mud that looked particularly nasty, really. I said to myself..."Don't even look...don't think about it....just get this bloody picture taken and get back into the car." I did just that....done and back in the car, headed for home. So, that night when I was editing, I fooled around with this and I thought it definitely could have looked worse (well, it did, actually!) Can you believe that I posted it on Flickr, more of a joke to share with Norm, and it got more favorable comments than the nicer ones, I thought, of Bradley Lake! Even invited to post on a few groups. There was one of my Flickr friends who is a seasoned and professional photographer whose comment was..."Somehow you've taken this mess and made it look good". That really got me laughing since she seemed to be the only one who recognized it for what it was......a mud puddle! So......thought I'd share with you. I'm not trying to pass it off as a beautiful lake or stream or exotic's a mud puddle.....although it does have some reflections to it. The only thing missing, and I'm sorry now I didn't think ahead to do to float an old yellow rubber duck in the little muddy wadi. Next time.

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