Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Remember that old movie with Gene Kelly? Oh, yeah. That was 'dancing' wasn't it? Well, I was dancing around mud puddles again, but still got some decent shots in. These were taken down in the Empire District of Coos Bay......Hollering Hole to be exact. It's pretty interesting down there if you like old piers and buildings and what ever 'what-not' might be around at any given time. The city is supposed to do something down in that shops and restaurants....tourists attractions included. I really love this second photo. There was an old historic house....the peaked one on the left just almost under the tree....that was full of charm. There was a sign in front telling that the house was built in 18?? by... and I didn't get the name but it sounded like old Irish or Scottish. I'll get a shot of that too, next time I go down that way. When I'm not driving, my photo stops are somewhat limited by the patience of the driver. But isn't that sky in this second shot fabulous? One of the beauties of storms breaking up in our area. We live in such a wonderful area!! There's always something really terrific to discover.

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