Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm sure behind in photo shooting! The days just seem to fill up faster than I can keep up, it seems. Yesterday my eyes were dialated from an exam and I couldn't seem to see much except REALLY bright lights. Today.....I had my first photography lesson. Actually, today it was centered more on editing. Learned a lot.....need to practice and apply it a lot more cause I don't really have it down 'pat' yet.
Anyway, this is just a piece of folk art I have in the house that I've always liked very much. I like most folk art anyway, but these colors really appeal to me a lot. The blues and golds seem to contrast enough to make the other stand out nicely.
I'll be in and out tomorrow and will hopefully grab a couple of shots to share tomorrow as well.
Hope you're all having great days! Looks like the rain has given us a little bit of a break so enjoy........

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