Sunday, February 14, 2010


Yesterday we had a couple of loads of firewood delivered to be dried and used next winter. In keeping with that, and being fairly uninspired about what to shoot today, the new axe was there waiting to be used. But not today, obviously. It rained this morning so against the gray, the bright yellow appealed to me. And Norm was also delivered a new chopping block....he's worn the old so much it was splitting and wobbley. Now someone just needs to find the willingness to put it to use.
This second photo is of Willie, of course. She had just spotted her arch enemy, Max, from next door. She's protected by a fence, but apparently she doesn't put much trust in those things. So, first she spies him......see the look in her eye? Danger!! She watches....waits....Max makes a whimpering noise, and away flies Willie. If you have and have had a cat, don't you notice that many times they're just drama-queens? Or kings, as the case may be. They live in some parellel universe where even a chip of wood becomes some fierce threat to be vanquished. Or some unknown and definitely unseen enemy is chasing her down the hallway like she's in danger of being devoured. Other times, she remains oblivious to a real threat when she insists on rubbing her face against Norm's bare feet.....he shoves her away and growls at her. Willie just thinks there's no human who could possibly resist her wonderfullness and so she continues to 'treat' Norm to her ticklie, short little hairs and whiskers against his super-sensitive toes. She's bound and determined to win him over. And if not, she can just go running down the hall again, perfectly happy.

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