Sunday, February 7, 2010


These are the only two photos I shot yesterday. A annoying cold and throat has me feeling like I don't really want to go out and make it worse. I was just finishing up something in the dining room last evening and turned around and was happily amazed to see Mother Nature back to playing her old tricks again while my back was turned. Ran to get my camera, changed the filter, and started snapping. The top one is looking more or less south. The second is to the north-west.
Today is Super Bowl Sunday for those of you who care about that sort of thing. I'm still mad that the Minnesota Vikings aren't there instead of the Saints so my heart isn't much into it.
Well, there's always next year. But Norm is happy sitting in front of the TV now, eating his rarely given but always welcome snack, "Addiction". He wants to bar-b-que some hamburgers for dinner.....I guess that qualifies as a tail-gate party, maybe, huh?
And, Hey!! Wasn't it wonderful to see the sun out again today?? Such a nice day! My evergreen clematis is just popping more and more blooms! I received and planted a new rose plant today (bareroot) that I have high-hopes will be a gorgeous color and hardy bloomer.
I hope the weather stays nice for a while. I think we all could use a good dose of a beaming, happy-faced sun.

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