Monday, February 22, 2010


Today was a good day, if only because it wasn't yesterday. I didn't get to shoot any photos today so resorted to pulling a few recent shots from a week or so ago. This first one is one of gorse that has been the happy home to a multitude of spiders. For those that live up here....remember the grand experiment of how these imported spiders were supposed to feast to their hearts content and eliminate the gorse? Well, the gorse remains alive and well.....thriving most likely. There are a few spiders that undoubedly live in one of the little micro-climates that keep them from dying out completely. When they were introduced you'd sometimes see these gorse bushes just completely engulfed with webs. Looked like something out of a sci-fi film.
The second photo here, was taken at the Bandon jetty on the beach opposite the lighthouse. The ocean looked SO big and the fisherman looked so tiny that it made an intersting contrast. The rocks only add to the demension I think. And his body language tells me that he's hanging in there waiting for the big-one......or maybe even willing to accept a little one! "Something!! Please!!" 8-))

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