Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today was a nice day.....because of the company we were with.....NOT because the sun was again playing 'hard to get'. We had lunch with some friends up at the new Phoenix Grill I mentioned a couple of days ago. I tried something new and it was very good. Now I'll try my hand at trying to fix it at home. The photos here are from the other day. One last shot of the China Creek Marsh. The second one is one of my favorite places. Don't ask why cause I have no idea. When we drive back from Coos Bay, we generally take the back way via River Road into Bandon. One of the first places of water I really get a good view of is of these old pilings. The water is shallow and frequently filled with gulls and crows. Maybe it's the straight line up of pilings....sometimes in reflection, that attract me. Just a little further down are more pilings that one can really get an interesting perspective of if you look straight into them and see how they seem to widen as the move further out into the water. I got a new polarizing filter the other day that is supposed to help saturate the colors more and if you want to see beneath the glare of any water, maybe to see some rocks, it will help with that also. And maybe it's my wishful imagination, but in the lower photo I think I can see some small rocks in the foreground. Can you?

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