Thursday, February 18, 2010


This last week or so has just been sort of goofy that have gotten in my way of shooting, posting and blogging. Now my computer sometimes disconnects from the Internet....I unplug it for a while and am able to get it back on, then it happens again. I wonder how much computer's are influenced by heart-felt prayer.......I'm doing whatever I can to avoid calling India.
Well, these two shots were taken in Bandon early yesterday morning. The sun was out for a while and there was no wind......beautiful reflections, huh? On the drive home there were patches of fog here and there, but I love the misty look and managed to get some nice captures of some of my other 'haunts' that I'll hopefully be posting within the next couple of days. Today is pretty foggy up here at Cedar Terrace and so ends the hope that were about to have that "false spring" that comes most February's. My grass out in back is in dire need of a haircut but it's still too wet out to haul out the weed-whacker. Gosh!!! Isn't THAT a shame!!

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