Tuesday, February 9, 2010


OK.....it's time to meet our neighbor, Max.....also know as Maxwell-Smart.
Max lives next door to us and always runs over to greet us and any other friendly faces.....or even unfriendly faces. Max doesn't really notice or care. And everybody loves Max! He's taken for at least a couple of walks a day and I'm sure that most people in Cedar Terrace know him and his big ole' tongue-lapping grin. Max is a perennial puppy and is as enthused about life as we all should be. Being a bird dog, he spots the fun in life as well as squirrels (that tease him), cats (as in my Willie who thought once to challenge him) deer (the bane of his owners garden or any new person left to persuade over as another Max-fan. He's also been known to join right in with any conversation people might be having....so I think public speaking could also be added to his list of attributes. He's quite a neat and unique dog. Much loved by his owners and all who meet him.


  1. Ok this is my favorite picture and commentary ! very nice

  2. Absolutely great! Picture and commentary. What a love Maxwell is.