Monday, October 11, 2010


What a beautiful place to spend some quality time away from home!! I've tried to include a few photos that represent just a small amount of what WildSpring has to offer. Of course, what most tourists are usually interested in when visiting the coast is the view. The view is actually much more encompassing but I happen to like the features in this particular shot of the jetty and some of the dock. The color today was fantastic and the air clean after our rain over the weekend. I love those hills rising up out of the waters.....the lines, niches and grooves and all those wonderful shadows that might hold who-knows-what mysteries. The atmosphere is what I think I noticed first upon arriving. I did know the couple who owned this property and house a number of years ago, but the new owners, the Duartes, have done many additions and improvements. Dean Duarte led me around on a tour of the grounds, the Guest's Hall and the cabins. Michelle greeted me in her office and both Dean and Michelle are both very gracious and were very welcoming to me and my camera. Back to the atmosphere..........It seems to me to be an artist's smorgasbord. There are art forms around each and every turn.....quaint, spiritual, folk art, woodworking, metalwork..........and just the placement of these various items is it's own brand of art. There are a few places to meditate if one wishes.........but there is a meditative feel to all the grounds as a whole..........benches are common as you leisurely stroll along well tended pathways laid with wood chips. The trees are tall and everywhere so you also are delighted to nature's finest.....mosses, mushrooms, shrubs, wildflowers, etc. ahhh.........and those remarkable trees!! This art form below is one they are particularly proud of, I think. It's a shaman......and only one of the spiritual icons that are everywhere. Somehow, they aren't seen as separate in their holy influences but blend into an overall feeling of representative of where ever we are in that realm of personal intimacy with our Creator.
Following that meditative mood is this photo of a labyrinth. Beautiful and laid out to reflect it's natural setting.
I took many more photos which I will be showing off in the next few days. I think the way the grounds of this resort enclose it and the outside world is not seen, except for the view of the Pacific, that even those of us who live here on the south coast, would enjoy the specialness of WildSpring just as much as any tourist from away. Might consider that this winter............why travel to Mexico when you can just step inside the gate?? You'll love it!! I promise!!
So..........hope everyone's Monday was off to a good start and Tuesday's even better!! Think Happy thoughts!! You'll feel younger!

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