Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In my blog last night the name I gave for WildSpring was erroneous......The correct name is "WildSpring Guest Habitat".........in case any of you would like to look it up online and find out more of the details of this special place. No exploration of WildSpring would be complete without at least one view of their hot tub......I think it would look inviting even if there was a full-fledged storm going on. Very neat, don't you think? Looking out over the Pacific which reflects that same gorgeous blue. The grounds are full of these wonderful tall, tall trees. For quite a while I've wanted to take a shot of looking straight up at trees like this photo. I didn't come across the right composition and although I didn't really go out of my way to find it, I've been keeping an eye-alert going. Well, I found close to what I've wanted here at WildSpring. I happen to like this a lot and hope some of you do also. It really shows off the loooong way up, huh? Reach high for Heaven!!
And very close by was what I believe Michelle referred to as "The Mary Grove". Those of you familiar with The Johnson Gallery here in Port Orford will probably recognize this sculpture by the owner of the gallery. This is one of the many icons that I mentioned yesterday that lend to the spiritual energy that is WildSpring. Another on this page is the first image above with a Buddha statue meditating over that delicious hot tub.

Wasn't today's weather great?? I love Indian Summers!! Warm and soft days with crisper air coming in at night. No need these days to even consider building the '2nd fire of the season'. And if I got chilly today, I went out to begin some of that garden that always seems to be in need of help!.......that warmed me right up fast!
Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday! I plan on giving it my all.......8-))

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