Sunday, October 10, 2010


I think I wrote on Friday that it was a little damp and drizzley. That turned into a real rain. Still not one of our vivacious storms but a fairly constant, windy little storm. The house felt a tad on the damp side on Saturday even with the heat pump going. OK.....time for our first fire of the season. (Do some of you remember this from last year?) is a photo of the heart warming view that warms hearth and home. And then some!! We do this every single year. Within about 4 hours we're drenched from too much warming of hearth and home. First a couple of sweaters come off.....usually followed by a window here and there opened . Finally the over-head fan is turned off and the front or back door opened. No more wood is placed in the fireplace. Let's see now....we've been married going of 37 years.......that adds up to about 36 years of SWEARING this would be the last time we do this 'first fire of the season' business too early. You have my permission to laugh openly next year when we will probably do this yet again. Traditions are hard to break. 8-)) With the house so over-heated, I needed to go somewhere it was cooler. Out on the deck I have some blooms still going on. This one is celebrating the autumn of our years.......the chrysanthemum we have in one of the tubs. Love the russet color. A few have just started opening with many more to come. There were a couple of other flowers still blooming and beautiful leaves here and there. That is one thing I do miss of our time in California. We lived in the 'Gold Country' of Grass Valley. Many easterners would say that our autumn colors of so many trees reminded them of some of that beauty that the eastern states are known for every fall. I always thought that was a terrific compliment. On the line of how the Greenpeacer's thought our seas were one of the most beautiful in all the world! Both statements true.
And hopefully tomorrow will be just a little sunny........I don't think it's suppose to rain. I'll be going over to WildSpring Resort to take a tour and take some photos. I fully expect to be 'wowed'. So stay tuned!!
And have a great Monday.......another new opportunity to have a wonderful week!!

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