Thursday, October 14, 2010


It's hard not to admire Mother Nature's handiwork these days......everywhere you look there's another fabulous display. Even this 'ghost tree' below could never be known as just a 'dead tree', at least not by me. Not when I look at the symmetry of it's branches and the way the light hits just right on one side, illuminating against the blue sky. Many of you already know I love the differences in trees......each one being celebrated with it's own unique individuality. These two images are from WildSpring. And as much as I love trees, I love grasses equally......maybe more. The grace and sway in our coastal breezes I could watch for hours. More to be seen of the Duartes sense of style in allowing nature to draw the eye to another particular sculpture or would it be visa-versa? This scene of the maiden in the grasses is leading down to the hot tub and that gorgeous vista of the Pacific. It sets the mood and is meditative rather than exhilerating.
Yesterday was another fabulous autumn day but one that held a lot of running around for us. New doctor for Norm that I think will work very well in Norm's favor. Whatever physical problems we might be having to deal with, it's always such a relief to finally know exactly WHAT you're needing to deal with. I think we regain some sense of control over a portion of our destinies once we can attach a name to the mystery. Then we can go forward with, or developing the best plan for us. So, that's a bit of what went on yesterday.
Then after dinner I met with a new study group that follows the same spiritual path as my own. In fact the one I usually go to once a week and the new one will be merging. That holds such a positive move from my point of view and I'm very much looking forward to it. Lots of very good energy!! This last image is of a few catalpa leaves on a tree in our garden. Instead of just one color turning, it shows the many variations of it's progress into fall.
Variety is the spice of life, some say. And I do love variety. There are some that view and think everything the same way throughout their lives. I really don't get's so completely alien to my way. There are times I wish I could live like that. It would certainly simplify a lot of things but I'm sure I'd expire from boredom in the meantime. Even mistakes are OK since they lead to new lessons and choices..........And do you notice how this kind of thinking can also supply you with many excuses, too?? 8-)) Course, only if you try to learn the lesson.........
The looks of the day seem to hold a repeat of that wonderful autumn weather of enjoy, enjoy!! Make the very best out of what the day offers!!

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