Sunday, October 3, 2010


The 'potluck' here is just a couple of odds and ends from my photo files. This first one is an example of Mother Nature's open food pantry........huckleberries. Our house is surrounded by them and I've picked some but not too many yet.......and I'm afraid that now that the robins have returned and found them, there probably aren't going to be that many left, either. They still made for an appetizing image, though. I hope everyone's weekend lived up to the expectations. Mine did. Today, I met with a group of like-minded people in learning and wanting to explore the healing modalities of energy work. It's been quite a few years since I've done much of this but lately it's re-occurance in my life is a welcome return. Norm says he's benefiting from daily sessons and that the ole' heat from my hands is revving up again. It's something you never really forget how to riding a bike or typing. Just practice a little more regularly and sensitize your feeling abilities once more. It feels right to be engaged in this particular way again. And, I'm very happy to have others to share it with. A very giving and caring group of people.
This photo is another from that foggy day on the Coquille River. I like the contrasts that having this in black and white, bring out. If you look closely you can see the Bandon Lighthouse across the river, fading into the fog. Course, your eye is immediately drawn to that very white splash in the foreground as it hits the rocks.
Hope everyone's coming week is a great one.........BTW, for those interested in new exercise and workout programs, I understand that there's to be a new "Zumba" dance group forming, to be held in Langlois at one of the school gyms. I think if you're interested in learning more particulars, that you might call either Maria Belmont-Forty or Tim Belmont at Jeffrey's Salon in Langlois. There are so many people that are really jazzed about this and I'm sure it's going to be fantastic fun for all.
Happy Monday!!

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