Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oh, What a day! I should have realized when I woke up and felt a dread before I even put my foot on the floor. We received a call from Norm's new doctor that we needed to come in that morning. Not a good sign when this was not a scheduled for the next number of hours before we saw Dr. Scott, we imagined the very worst. The news was that Norm was so anemic that Dr. Scott was surprised he was able to remain upright. So, off we went to the South Coos Hospital for an all-day and night adventure in the art of accepting transfusions. They really have wonderful people working in that hospital......really quality and very professional staff. We finally arrived home after midnight, somewhat traumatized. I think I wrote a while ago about how 'someone' who will remain unnamed, snores and wakes me up and I feel like placing my pillow over the face of said 'someone'. Well, early this morning I awoke to The-Snore. A knee-jerk reaction had me saying.....well...."Ommmmmm". Then I just lay there and realized what a wonderful sound 'someone's' snoring was to hear.

So, there will be a lot of medical stuff and tests coming up until we find and fix what needs fixing. Obviously, I'm not going to visit my niece this next week as planned, but my blog postings might be a little here and there, hit and miss.
There were a couple of funny incidents yesterday, in spite of the anxiety.....or maybe because of it. Laughter can be such a great stress reducer. Well, we were waiting in the lobby for Norm to be called in to begin the transfusion and a nurse came out and called his we approached her she said that she would have found him. She was "looking for the pale one". It was just the little chuckle we needed at that time. And another little old lady, an inpatient, was taking a stroll with her son and using her walker. The receptionist commenting on how she could be running a race with that walker.....In a little ole' lady voice and had a slight country twang and quiver to it, she said "Honey.......You should have seen me run when I was in school!! Well, I could just run faster than ANYONE else......No one could catch me!! Course, look at me now." But she really was traveling a pretty good pace. Cute as a button!!!
The first photo........way back up there at the top is the very last of the Goodbye Polio rose. No more buds are showing and the weather is definitely turning so until next spring, that's it. It has become my favorite rose and if you see where you can purchase one from Port Orford Rotary, do so. You won't be sorry. It's done beautifully in a half-barrel on our deck.
The second photo was from WildSpring. The focus is on the grasses but you can see that lovely sculpture softly in the background.
OK....hope you're all enjoying a great weekend........laugh heartily, cook up a pot of soup and stay warm........Be happy!!

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