Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When my nephew was a little guy and I had found him a deer antler out in back of our house and he brought it to school on "Show and Tell" Day......he announced that this deer antler had come from "the wilds of Oregon". Said in an ominous voice like Port Orford was like the darkest of Africa. And probably to him at that time and coming from a larger city in California, it did seem that way. Well, here below we have a view of Battlerock looking from the dock. It always surprises me how much smaller it looks from this angle than from up by Redfish. And there really was a battle up there when Oregon was a wild place. I guess we really don't have to travel all that far to find some of those same conditions......minus the least the same kind with guns, bows and arrows. Now the battles and wars are launched with words. But there continues to sit Battlerock.....oblivious to it all. How did you all like our misty morning? Quite a change from yesterday, huh?
I guess our sun will remain shy for a few days but in both these two shots, it was out in full glory. This second photo here is one of my favorite scenes every fall. Probably because we have few maple trees around in Cedar Terrace that I can see so I treasure this little display like it's my own treasure. I took this with my little Kodak......resolution isn't all that great but as long as no one looks TOO closely, the colors can be enjoyed.
Hope everyone's week is going well........It's getting to be time to start up that fireplace again. We lit a fire this morning and actually did NOT drive outselves out of the house into the cool. But, you know we have to do at least one 'swelter-first-of-the-year-fire' to kick off the season right. Now we get down to the serious business of feeling warm and cozy.
Have a wonderful Thursday and remember to give hugs freely! They feel warm and cozy, too.

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