Monday, October 25, 2010


Quite a show Ma Nature put on for us this weekend, huh? Especially yesterday......water spouts, enormous waves and lots of the wet stuff falling......and today has been pretty wet, too. Every once in a while, a downpour!! I needed to go out for a couple of errands and grabbed my camera. I thought I'd see if the seas were as dramatic as reported yesterday. No, I missed the big show but today's waves weren't anything you wanted to get near or turn your back on. I went to Battle Rock and then to the dock. The clouds were approaching that spectacular level but in almost black and white I don't know how well it actually shows up. Same with the photo of the "Gate".......if you live around Port Orford, you know that it's not an everyday event that has the wave surges hitting so high on the rocks. I had one of the nicest surprises today! Norm and I have been pretty house-bound this past week and my friend, Nanci, knew that today wasn't my she came to the door after lunch with a TRIPLE (that's the big 3!!) chocolate chip mint waffle ice cream cone from Sirens!! It was the best ever!! I think it might have had something extra in a lot of heart!!
How lucky am I to have such a great and thoughtful friend and neighbor?
Wishing everyone a great start to your week and a terrific Tuesday!! Keep that smile going! You never know who might need it.

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