Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is a continuation of shots I took with my new little shoot and snap. This first one was just a tangled mess of branches, trunks, leaves, light and shadow. Talk about not being able to tell the forest for the trees.........
Every time I see one of those gorgeous photos of birch tree trunks, I keep trying for something even close and using our abundance of alder trees. Well, this certainly isn't even close, but I do like the way that it became more interesting by converting it to black and white and 'upping' the contrast quite a bit. It will be something that I think I'll experiment with in the future with other possible promising scenes. About a week or so ago my high school down in California had their 50th reunion!!! I can't believe it!! I was unable to go but friends sent me lots of photos.....and there's a ton of them on Flickr. What a reality check this was in looking at all those people that most I would never have recognized!! There were some familar faces, others reminded me of the movie "Benjamin Button". The more I thought about it, and the more I slapped my own hands at being critical, and the more I saw how life progresses.......the faces that I remembered were around 18-25 years old. So were their bodies. You remember the personalities and so-called status or pecking order and who-was-who back then. Age has been quite a leveling agent. Some that thought they were high and lofty have fallen low and others who were too quiet and meek have grown into a beautiful grace and kindness that matters now. The similarity is that Life has happened. Everyone has had successes, failures, tears and laughs. Life changes everyone in one way or another and those that have struggled and been fortunate to have reached inside for that certain 'extra' are the ones that seem the happiest. Maybe they accept the ups and downs more easily. By the look of the photos, they all (or most) seemed to be having a wonderful time.....remembering, reconnecting and reliving good times of being carefree and so hopeful in youth, with eyes to individual futures. Life never stops with it's lessons.
OK.....this photo of a single madrona tree looks like a pair of tango dancers to me. Close and intertwined. There's that lovely peeling bark again, too.
Tonight we're watching a Netflix movie I've wanted to see for a little while. "Ondine" starring Colin Farrell. About an Inish island dweller who saves some woman from the sea and doesn't know whether she's a human or a silky. Good Irish mythology........And hopefully there's that beautiful Irish scenery. I'll report tomorrow.
In the meantime, get ready for a fantastic Thursday. Appreciate Life.

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