Monday, October 4, 2010


These two photos were taken on my birthday a week or so back. We had just had a fabulous brunch at Redfish, Port Orford's new "Shining Gem on the Water". The light is always different, and that morning I liked the almost silhouette look of the rocks offshore, but especially that mist rising throughout the hills and towards Humbug Mt. Even the sun's glare on the water had an appeal to me, adding that contrast that I love. This was one of those times that turning them into black and whites just didn't work like I'd want. The mists didn't stand out as anything much. Just lots of grays. I received many nice comments on Flickr and thought maybe you'd enjoy seeing it also. Today was Donna to the Dentist Monday. I said before that I rarely have any problem with the visit, in fact, sort of look forward to it. My dentist is too darn good!! They are so efficient in that office and he is so good at what he does, that I barely got to close my eyes before he was finished. The preparation took longer than he worked on my re-filling and a couple of polishes. In and out!! Snap-Snap!!
The rest of the day was spent waiting for a doctor's office to return a call........which meant ALL day!! And they never did call! Makes me want to scream sometimes!! Ommmmmm...........

OK........everyone have a great Tuesday. Remember to laugh.

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