Monday, October 18, 2010


Wasn't today pretty? Just a perfect autumn day..........that wonderful nip to the air and the leaves of the maples are getting prettier by the day. I needed to go to the post office this morning and Norm was feeling better so I had him drive me down to the dock for the photos. Most people don't get too excited about pampas grass. I love to see the sunlight backlighting those gracefully swaying fronds. This one that I've posted here was down by the Fishermen's Memorial.

As a matter of fact, so is the second grassy photo. I liked the different look of Humbug being blurred in the background. Just another perspective for a change of pace.
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Ours was pretty good. We went for a short walk after lunch, then a trip up to Bandon for another blood test for Norm. We were noticing how the traffic still seems busy........almost like it was still summer. Usually all the tourists head for home by now........and maybe that's a lot of what we're running into. Or locals wanting to get seasonal chores done before the bad weather comes. I have one pile of that autumn pruning in the garden that is just begging me to continue. Ah well........all in good time.

Have a great Tuesday.........and remember to BREATH!!! We have the world's best air here on the south coast.......take advantage of it. 8-))

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