Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I saw a photo the other day on a photo site I subscribe to that I liked a lot......a closeup of brightly colored autumn leaves. This afternoon before the rains started in again, I went down to the yards to collect some various leaves of color from some shrubs and trees. Not quite as they had it, but ok, I think. I had to climb up on top of the dining room table with my tripod at all sorts of odd angles trying to get what I wanted. I used my "Nifty-Fifty" which is a stationary lens. So.........a little cheery color for this gray afternoon. Hope everyone is having a good week.........half-way mark again, so start planning that fun-filled weekend, all you Party-Animals!!! And in the meantime have a good Thursday! We have another doctor's's that for something different, huh?? (excuse the's really only just a little bit). And it's helping us to memorize Hwy 101 like the back of our hand. That might come in handy sometime......well, it's possible.........


  1. Gorgeous images... marvelous color!

  2. Beautiful Fall colors Donna. Nature so easily pleases.

    You have captured the season well.