Friday, October 22, 2010


A good day for indoor photos. The day was beautiful this morning.....and as long as I needed to drive up to Bandon, that worked nicely. Now, about 4:30, it the wind is starting to whip up a little and in reading the weather forecast it sounds like we'll have some high winds and rain. And everyone knows the weather forecasting is always right on, right?? 8-))

These two photos were taken at WildSpring in the guest hall. A beautiful little bowl holding the fruit, and a Chinese Checkers game that I fooled around with a little on Photoshop. I was out in the garden a while ago and was surprised to see what a large batch of chard and beet greens I was able to harvest. Enough for dinner tonight and into soup on Saturday. Tomorrow will be a good day to make up soup and bake up bread. Comfort food along with that fireplace burning nicely. Hope you all stay warm and dry over the weekend........get a good book to read and a warm cup-a-whatever and you're set! I think the Port Orford library is holding on of their book sales tomorrow........perfect timing, huh? Whatever you do, have a great weekend with safe traveling, if you must....

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