Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been threatening all day to drop a little moisture and it finally did happen. Not really a rain, but that heavy drizzle/shower that manages to soak through clothing rather rapidly. My neighbor said they might be having their first fire of the season tonight.......sounded good! The rose in both the first and second photos is the last of this years blooms for "Goodbye Polio Rose". I misnamed it last week as just Polio Rose. That was a pretty unfortunate misname!! Anyway, I wanted to see if it looked 'old world' by de-saturating it. Wha'cha think?? Norm thought it looked like "nothing", but admitted he doesn't see things the same way I do artistically. No right or wrong, just preference.
Our little tomato plants are still giving us plenty of fruit. A lot of them are split when they're brought it.........the perfect ones to pop into your mouth immediately.........Yum!
Friday, again tomorrow!! Does time travel as quickly for you reading this as it seems to for us? It's down right eerie sometimes.........
So, make the most of tomorrow and the weekend.......stay dry!

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