Thursday, June 17, 2010


I thought I'd play around with some photos I took the other day. They turned out a little different from the usual, and it's a good thing to experiment, right??
A couple of these have sort of a painterly effect to least certain aspects of the image do. The first one was a fairly clear shot of the grass.....which was surprising because it was so windy. Not without some blur, but I liked the really blurred background so much and the way the two contrast each other, that I thought to post it even though it's not perfect.

This second one has blurs all over the map! And I think I must be breaking every rule there is as far as composition and distracting elements away from the main subject.......but that yellow in the water lily is just jumping out to be noticed regardless of anything around it! In fact, you can't miss it! I wish the lily had been just a wee bit more sharply defined, but again, it's an experiment.

The final photo had interesting textures to it. I love the floating leaves on the water and some hazy reflections of the clouds showing through it all. So.....any comments, one way or the other are always welcome.

Busy days lately........This morning after having a blood test, followed by breakfast out, I visited the so-called Evil Twins. Our friends are away and I went over to scratch a few ears, rub a couple of tummies, chatter away, take photos and they weren't evil at all. Sweet little guys. Even if Pasha gave me a guilt-inducing look just before I left. Peering at me through the glass and saying his "Meow's". Gosh darn!!! I hope I got some cute and postable photos of them. They are always I get a LOT of blurs. Forget trying to use a tripod! Even a monopod. I think there are some good ones, though of Pasha just loving my shoe........tomorrow, guys!

Hope you all have a great Friday and have fun plans for the weekend!

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