Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, at least for a while!
This first shot was of a little boy who was visiting the beach and gentle surf with his mother (I assume) and his dog. I would have liked to have gotten some shots of boy and dog, but they seemed to want to go in different In this first image, the boy is obviously being splashed a little by an incoming wave....if it can be referred to as a wave. It was pretty small.....It must be the swiftness of the incoming water that causes the splash. This is another one that looks much better enlarged. And his head wasn't very sharply defined so I just cropped it off. That takes care of that!! (hands are now dusting off).
This second photo is just another long range view of wave action and the background surrounding Dog beach. It sure was a beautiful day......and I'm hearing that the nice sunny weather will be re-visiting us next week. In fact, I also heard that there were no more new storms or disturbances on the horizon. Let's all cheer!!
Today it did shower and the skies were gray. There was a sort of wind-up party held at the Driftwood Elementary for the kids that were involved in the After School Program....although I think ALL kids attended. They divided the big kids from the little ones to engage in their various games. I shot mostly the little ones. I know most from other activities and they are so cute and unself-conscious. The first of the games was tying a balloon on their ankles and running. The object was to stamp and pop as many balloons as you can, then run back to the fence. It was bedlam. The wind was blowing and the hair on many of the girls was just flying all over the place.
The second was a potato sack race. It was funny to watch (as I think ALL of these are). Nanci, the facilitator, is yelling "Jump! JUMP! JUMP!" All these kids, probably 40 or more, are jumping and bouncing and falling over. Then you see some of the girls, climbing OUT of their sacks and jumping, which looked pretty funny. Nanci is still yelling at the top of her lungs "Jump!!" So they jumped! There were more and more climbing out of the sacks and jumping, running and eventually walking back to the fence, getting tired. One boy (wouldn't you know it would be a boy?) decided he wanted to wear the sack OVER his head. Naturally, he fell down after a few hops.
The third game was the most fun. A large blue tarmac made of plastic was laid down and sprayed with water (plus some soap for the older kids). The children changed into swimming suits or shorts, or something that could get wet. Then then run down the tarmac and slide, if not just fall on any part of their bodies that happened to hit first. There was a LOT of screaming, many shots showed tongues hanging out, or up or just out, and laughing and hilarity. Some of the mothers or aides were on the sidelines and were wearing warm coats. These kids were gleefully running in their bare skin, soaking wet and as kids do, not feeling the cold at all. Fun is a good conductor of heat, I think. I wish I could show some of the photos. I used to but I'm just not comfortable anymore putting the children's pictures on the web. Maybe I can find some later that would be OK. I'll try.
This kind of an afternoon can sure give you a charge of energy! I took over 500 photos, and that was only a little over an hour! Snap..snap...snap...etc. etc. etc...........

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