Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's been a nice quiet weekend with the sun shining for most of the day. We had a little patch of fog for a while, but that's nothing compared to the ongoing winter we had, ad naseum.
I got some of my yard work done.....not all, mind you, but a good start. Some of the blooms I'm showing here actually came out fairly sharp in spite of the wind. This first one is of a watsonia. Their tall stalks get blown over by the wind and those I cut and bring in the house. I think the flowers are so pretty and soft looking.

The second here is one the first of the David Austin's I bought many years ago. It's planted over the septic tank and it grown almost like a tree!! It's VERY happy there!! With all the rains this year most of my roses are loaded with black spot and some scale. But the blooms are still there and it's nice to have different vases in the house with various flowers from the garden. everyone ready to have a great week? I'm still so "up" after that afternoon shooting the kids at play. neighbor, Nanci, corrected me on my post yesterday in saying that it was the end of the year party for the 'after-school group' kids. Apparently, it was for ALL of Driftwood School. I think the main title should just be titled "FUN 101".

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