Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'd like to take credit for having these two beautiful flowers in my garden......but, Alas! They are in a friends garden instead. This first rhodedendrom is so fragile in white with that bit of yellow....actually I upped the saturation so in reality it's more muted and delicate than appears here. It's a fairly large and very full shrub.....quite the show-stopper.

The iceplant flower below is wonderful to view since there is a large patch overlooking the blue of the Pacific. What you see is a field of vivid pink flowers....then the ocean blue and beyond. There are rugged hillsides and craggy rock thrown in for good measure. In fact, I'll go back and include that photo also. It's pretty spectacular.
Had lunch today with a friend up at Bandon Dunes today. It was fairly crowded but we spotted one table and grabbed it. Found out that today was the first day opening of their newest golf course, Old MacDonald's. Our waitress quoted how many hundred golfers had descended upon the place, and they must have been serious golfers, seeings as how a number were decked out in their plaid knickers and other stylish (???!!!) apparel. Hope they all get their fill of golfing in today because tonight and for the rest of the week it's......you can guess........rain again.heavy at times. That might not discourage some of the die-heart golfers though. I've been there (safe and dry in the dining room) and watched some out there swinging their clubs while the wind whips up their coats, pulls down their hoods as they wade through what must be soggy grass, chasing after the little white ball. Sound like fun, huh?? NOT!


  1. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm now following you. You have some great photos. Keep posting. I love taking and seeing great photos.

  2. I forgot to tell you my photos are at www.amandview.blogspot.com