Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OK.....we did have one incredible day yesterday where the sun shown, the ocean water was lying down flat and "Life Was Good". I haven't taken any shots from this vantage point looking from the dock out onto 'dog' beach. There are a few other snaps I took that I like pretty well and I'll be showing them in the next few days.
One of my Flickr friends looked and commented on one of my photos of a beautiful sunny day, taken from Battle Rock SP and looking south. Now he's thinking of retiring here!! It'd be interesting to see exactly how many travel to Port Orford, or at least the south coast, after seeing some of the beauty here that's reflected by my postings on Flickr.....or here. I do hear a lot about how various photographers would like to take a trip here and snap away.
BTW......saw a couple of excellent movies during the last week. #1 was "The Hurt Locker". #2 was "The Blind Side". Norm thought The Blind Side was a 'chick-flick'.......but he enjoyed it a lot. Lots of football to keep the guy interest alive and kicking.
Everyone have a great day in spite of our gray skies. Someone told me that next week should be more summer like. Fingers crossed!! XXXXXX

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