Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, not too much happening today. A trip to Coos Bay and shopping and running errands isn't the kind of stuff that holds too much interest in a blog.

I did want to try out some distance shots with my new lens. The day had patchy overcast and on the way home was just sort of gray. In Bandon along Beach Loop, the sun did try to make an appearance, weakly. This first scene is one I've taken before but it looks a lot different with all the spring/summer green on the cliffs. You can make out a couple down the beach doing some beach-combing,I guess.

This second shot was along the Coquille River in Old Town Bandon. It was fairly windy and the water was churned up.....not particularly what I like in a photo, but the boat with the lighthouse in the distance hold some appeal. All in all, I think this lens is going to be a winner as I use it more and remember my tripod instead of trying to balance in the wind.

One day closer to the weekend for all you that work. Saturday is predicted to be sunny all make your plans to get out there and do something fun!

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