Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I took two separate shots of Lake on the south side, shown on top here and one on the north side, below. I always find it interesting how the light can make such a dramatic difference in how a photograph will present itself. This top of of a boat house surrounded by fairly dark forest is lit up some, the further out towards the deeper water of the lake. And the entire picture might be a little gloomy except for that what-ever-it-is that's floating on the top of the water in front of the reeds. That lighter color is carried through by the boat house's dock and railing. For me, anyway, it makes this snap more interesting.

This lower photo is just lightness of spring! It feels sort of "bouncy". 8-)) The light is such a beautiful blue as is the sky and even the clouds appear friendly.
On another subject.....a funny thing happen today while shopping up at a major chain store in Coos Bay. I was looking for something in the cosmetic department. There was a man and older woman looking around also. Then the man turns to me and asks "Do you know any man who wear make-up?" I answered, "No, I don't". Then a few seconds later he turns again and asks me "Do you think I need make-up? I know I have bags under my eyes, but don't know if make-up will help?" I asked him if he was serious. The reply was "Yes." As gently as I could, I told him, "No, I think it would look terrible." Anyway, he thanked me and we all went our separate ways. Later, in another part of the store, a little while later, I could hear a masculine voice, yelling at the top of his lungs...."Cathy!! Cathy!!" This kept up for a few minutes with a short break in between bellows. "Cathy!!". Finally, I was over in the part where I could see who was doing the yelling.......You can guess......Yep! It was Make-up Man!
It was good to get home.

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