Friday, June 4, 2010


Today was a very fun-filled day for me. Getting together, running into, or just connecting with a number of friends here and there.......mostly at Siren's Coffee Cafe.
And speaking of Siren's, just look at these wonderful and tempting ice creams. There are more flavors than I photographed here and you just have to come in and check them out yourself.......better yet, try the taste test...........Yum!!
I had a mocha coffee there this morning that had me wired and ready to tackle the day......It's my favorite. Had a visit with one good friend and then returned to have lunch with a couple of other good friends........(still heavily charged with this morning's coffee!)
So, we had more rain this morning......not bad after that loud thunder and lighting show of last night. But this afternoon it was only down to a weak drizzle. I went for a badly needed walk which felt so good. The air smelled fresh and there were beautiful little raindrops on every leaf and new flower......which made me regret that I didn't have my camera with me. When I returned home I saw that my favorite rhoddendrum at my neighbor's house was in full bloom. This is the blossom you see below. (For someone who might confuse which is the flower and which is the ice cream, please note that the flower is BELOW! You know who you are.)
This flower is another shot that is even more beautiful when viewed large. You can see the water droplets in greater detail.
So ends a neat day with lots of good friends warming me up inspite of the continuing rain.
Hope you all have a safe and fun-filled weekend!

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