Monday, June 28, 2010


This first photo is a newcomer to our garden this year. I actually have it up on the deck in a barrel planter because it will receive better care. It's called the "Goodbye Polio Rose for the benefit of Polio Plus". Our wonderful and giving Port Orford Rotary was selling them last year. They are a beautiful cream with a blush of apricot, as the label says. There is a slight fragrance that I get a whiff of every so often. I'm really pleased with it and there are many, many more blooms to come. And the sale "helps Rotary vaccinate at least 18 children." Nothing but good stuff from this purchase.
This second is another deck flower. Years ago Norm gave me a lily at Easter. It wasn't the 'traditional Easter lily" but it was nice. I planted it in a long planter that Norm had built and since then it was multiplied so that now the whole box, about 3' long, is filled with these lilies growing all over each other. Their color isn't 'splashy' so the mass planting of these elegant flowers is always an eye-catcher.
How was everybody's Monday?? Mine was good. Lots of errands got accomplished and bumped into many friends for a various chat here and there. I noticed in my little side garden that some ginger that I thought had been killed last winter by the freeze in December, is making a come-back. I was very surprised since it seemed like there was nothing left but rotted roots. And the fact that it's waited until the end of June to show any life added to the pleasant surprise. Late in the summer it will bloom.....and I actually don't care much for the flower......but the fragrance..........ohhhhh! It's wonderful...if you like sweet. And anyone who knows me knows that "lover of sweets" is my middle name.
Well, hope you all are getting back into the swing of another work week. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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