Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A few weeks ago I was driving out towards Paradise Point and noticed this unusual cloud formation. 'The difference between the lower and top layer of cloud color was very distinct. I thought that it might show up a little better in black and white.
But in looking at a color shot, I can't make up my mind so will include them both.

Made a trip to Bandon this morning. Have you noticed how heavy the traffic has become?? The sun came out and the tourists arrived, I think......well, and all of us locals decided to come out of hibernation. And speaking of hibernation......the bears seem to be causing a lot of problems this year. Garbage cans attacked, bird feeders and bird nests are being especially hard hit. A friend who had her garbage can actually thrown because it was bear-proof to opening, called the authorities. She was told that the bears are hungry because the berries aren't ready yet. I don't know if I buy that or not. The berries usually aren't ripe at this time of year anyway, and I don't remember hearing of so many different areas with bear trouble. Maybe it's the same bear but he or she would be having to spread itself over a fairly wide area. I don't know how much territory a single bear would take. Anyway......reach and make liberal use of the amonia. It might not hurt to take in those bird feeders at night either.
OK....enjoy your Wednesday!!

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