Saturday, June 19, 2010


What a great day!! The morning started out overcast and the weatherman hinted at possible showers.....which didn't happen. But today was the day I was going to work on getting better photos of running water. I went with a friend over to Humbug State Park.......and what a lovely place that is!! It's been a couple of years, I'm sorry to say, since I'd been there and I'd forgotten how special it is. Viewing it now through the eyes of a photographer, it held even more mystery. The trail was scattered with various wildflowers...buttercups, foxglove, wild bleeding heart and coral bells, valarian, and tons more that I couldn't identify. Gorgeous ancient-looking myrtle trees, maples plus our other usual evergreens plus ferns galore, up hills and down inclines towards Brush creek. Wonderful and varied moss hung everywhere. There were a few waterfalls flowing down into the creek which bubbled along over rocks and logs, river gravel and under a few bridges. It was like the Land-of-the-Ewok meets the Irish Little People. I loved it (just in case you weren't sure). I got quite a number of photographs although don't know how many are keepers until I have a chance to go through them tomorrow. All in all, I'm hoping that some of our friends and us can make future plans to have some kind of a pot-luck picnic. They still have a large area that is under cover and complete with bar-b-que and restrooms close by. A large lawn and that beautiful little creek that will remain running, but not necessarily as rapid as today, through the summer months. The trail we climbed was easily traveled and beautiful little scenes around almost every turn. I recommend it highly to all.....if you have a chance to visit this park.....or like me just haven't re-visited in a while......try to include it this summer and/or fall. You won't be disappointed. Add a good friend, a peanut butter sandwich and non-stop conversation and your day in complete!

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