Sunday, June 6, 2010


This photo is for those living in or around Port Orford.......This is what a sunny day looks like. This is what the sun on the beach looks like.......this is blue sky and calm blue water. There is even a couple of people out on the ledge of the grass looking at the vista.
And this kind of view is what someone must have been looking at when they wrote the song "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever."
Now, today, here in reality-ville, you see a lot of rain, mist, fog and it all swirls around in the wind. So, I never even bothered getting out of the car to take a photo.
At least it wasn't raining yesterday and I managed to get a small patch of thickly grown together weeds turned over. The soil was like clay (possibily because it IS! 8-))
And it really would have been a messy and miserable job to try and separate the weed roots from the clay. For that I'll let things dry out a little. Come to think of that possibility and I might never get out into the garden again!
It's very neat to see how much of life goes on around us, same as nature's clockwork. Birds are still nest building, the are flowers continuing to burst into bloom and the weeds and grass continue to grow. We have a new buck deer in the neighborhood this season. Last year some man illegally shot and killed a buck that had about 5 points......such a waste and more than a couple of people were upset about this. The newest Lothario to move in is just a single spiker (I'm not sure I'm using the correct terms here, so excuse please). He's been busy rounding up all the does he can find. Unfortunately for my neighbor, they seem to very much enjoy all her hard work and beautiful blooms to nibble on. I was hoping to get a couple of photos of them a couple of days agao, but after Nanci found them in her garden, yet again, the only snap I would have had was of their backsides high-tailing it up the road. I bet they'll be back.

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