Saturday, June 26, 2010


At least a good part of it! I spent a couple of hours with the weed whacker. I think I've mentioned before of how contented I am when that job is done. It neatens up the whole look so much. Not really too much more I can write about that........just glad it's done.

This first photo is just a simple little daisy. The 'stuff' in the center looks like some insect, but it isn't. Probably some sort of reproductive apparatus. I used my new lens here and it does take a nice clear image and great dof.

The second shot was also taken with the "Nifty-Fifty". Another good one, I think. Our future onions for the winter.

We watched a Netflick movie tonight........."Twilight: New Moon". The first Twilight was a film that I didn't particularly care much for. I think I was expecting something closer to TV's True Blood. This one I paid attention to and didn't expect it to be like anything but itself. It wasn't bad, really. A little juvenile, but good escapism. No fangs to be seen but there were a number of werewolves. What I did love was the gorgeous scenry where most of the film was shot. It was up in Forks, WA......part of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Then over to Italy, in what I thought looked a lot like Assisi. I loved that little town!! Maybe a lot of those medieval towns look alike, but it did let me remember with happy memories the town of St. Francis.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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  1. Donna
    Those onions are very nice - very unexpected composure and your eye is guided along a path! The lightness of the onions in the center pulls the eye
    Way to go!