Friday, June 11, 2010


Here are a couple of photos I found that give the spirit of yesterday's day of fun and games. This first one is of the slip 'n slide. The so called rules speak for themselves. Before they came out for this temperature-testing torture test (My description) they got to 'paint' their hair however they'd like. One boy had white circles stenciled over his very dark hair. There were lots of pink and garish orange, too. This photo is fun, though, because it shows so many different positions and angles of body language-----which all spoke of FREEZING!! The screaming was loud, and again today in looking over all the shots I took, it was just amazing to see how many different positions, outside the mouth, that the tongue can twist and turn into.
This second was of a few of the girls in The Great Potato Sack Race. Don't you just love that hair flying all over. They were jumping just as hard and fast as they could~but I imagine our famous Port Orford 'breezes' might have helped with their various hair styles. Wow! How I wish I had that energy!
OK.....the sun was out and about today and it does look like it means to stay with us awhile. This weekend calls for me to do some kind of yard work. And I hope all of you have a terrific weekend!!

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