Monday, June 14, 2010


The other day while I was 'mucking about' in the garden I came across this poppy plant that had mutated far and wide from the original state of the typical California poppy. Very pretty. A soft cream color...
Today I was really dashing around! Maybe it's the exercising in the morning or the walks in the afternoon......or it could be that I'm somehow trying to keep up with the wind that keeps blowing in gusts.....enough to blow my hat off more than once. Whatever.... I got more done in preparation for Norm's up and coming birthday party next month. Yesterday I got a hold of a very good local singer and guitar player who will entertain at the party. We've hired Steve in the past at some of our 4th of July parties and we like him a lot, both professionally and as a very neat person. I'm definitely committed to do this! And I will NOT think about all that still needs to be done! I will NOT!! Into my blanket of denial I now climb.........
I ordered a lot of new photos.........larger than I usual. Again, I misjudged the size for the mats that I already have that I could use. So.....I found a good buy on Amazon and ordered a mat cutter! I understand that one sheet of mat paper costs about the same as 1 pre-cut mat!! That's a very big savings! I think it will be a good investment. I LOVE Amazon. Whenever I need either information or a product, I generally have excellent luck with Amazon.
Today is my niece, Lauren's birthday. Since I can't get catch her at home via phone, I'm going to wish her a Happy 2nd day of your New Birth Year, Lauren! And it is going to be terrific.... I can just feel it in my bones!! (or is that just residual aching from the gardening??) Naah! It's going to be a great year for her!! 8-D))

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